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Stanford University Research On Our Bespoke BBL® Treatment: How Can It Reprogram DNA To Act Younger?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Almost every single country on the planet has its fable about the fountain, the pill or the elixir that allows a person to stay young forever. Most people, however, have given up on the idea of finding that magic potion of youth. Instead, they have turned to the medical and cosmetic communities to find possible clues on how humans age, why they age and what steps can be taken to slow down or reverse the aging process.

Many are paying attention to a study performed by the Stanford University School of Medicine. In this study, researchers found that Bespoke BBL® Photofacial treatments, also known as BroadBand Light treatments, can have a short-term and long-term effect on the aging process. The study goes on to say that according to their research, this form of therapy actually changes the way that your DNA works. It makes your skin cells act as if they were younger.

DNA is the building block of life. DNA tells all your cells what type of cell it is going to be, how it will function and how frequently it will be replaced. Unfortunately, with time, your DNA starts to break down. Things like the environment and the natural aging process can damage your DNA. As a result, your cells act in a less efficient manner. They go from acting like young, vibrant cells to behaving like older cells.

When you look at your skin, you have the external layer known as the epidermis. Then, you have the deepest layer of your skin known as the basal cells. As long as the deep layer of your skin is healthy, all of the layers of skin above it will also be healthy. Sun exposure can damage this lower level of your skin, making it unhealthy. This is something that frequently happens to individuals who have spent a good portion of their life in the sun.

Bespoke BBL™ treatments have been shown to stimulate your cells back to a younger state. They do this by rejuvenating your genes and the genetic code in your DNA. As a result, the genetic code of your skin cells is reset, and you are left with younger-looking skin.

This Stanford University study was a welcome surprise to the medical aesthetics community. Aesthetic providers knew that BBL™ was effective at addressing fine wrinkles, red spots, blood vessels of the skin, as well as brown spots. What surprised them is how the treatment had powerful short-term and long-term effects. Additional benefits of BBL™ treatments include:

  • Zero downtime

  • Long-lasting results

  • Fast and simple treatment

Here is a Nude patient's before and after her Bespoke BBL® treatment targeting brown spots and UV damage.

We also targeted her rosacea and facial vessels.

There is nothing that you can do to reverse time. Every day, you get older. However, thanks to BBL™ treatments at Nude Medical Aesthetics, there is a way for you to get control of the aging process and keep your skin looking and acting younger for longer. Learn more!

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